[Fast Auction] DC Quartz Flakes

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  1. Description
    One double chest of quartz flakes. No, you can't eat em like corn flakes but just because they don't taste good doesn't mean they aren't useful! You can make beautiful buildings to show of your wealth and power, make genius red stone contraptions to show off to your friends or just let them sit in a chest and admire their likeness to a breakfast cereal. The choice is yours!

    Auction rules
    Ends 24 hours after first VALID bid (this one is a quickie so get in fast!
    Starting bid is 40 000r
    Bids must be 200r larger than the previous bid
    Pick up at 3535 smp2 (smp1 or 8 can be arranged if desired)
    Delivery is free on all servers apart from smp7 (10r)
    Please be ready pay within 48 hours of being informed that you won

    Any questions just ask. As always happy bidding all!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.