FAST 1hr Auction: Fortune 1 Unbreaking 3 Diamond Pick

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  1. *Minimum bid: 2500 rupees
    * Minimum bid increment: 50 rupees
    * Will end ONE hour after the last bid
    * You must collect the item from my lot at res 103 (smp 1) - I will set up a door and chest for you
    * PAY THE BOX - this way you verify the pick
    * Unused
  2. Oh sry didnt see the fortuneI
  3. NP... posts deleted... still looking for the inital bid...
  4. Lowered starting....

  5. Erm, final bump - then I'll cancel I guess. any offers?
  6. I would come into the rescue 2.5k
  7. yeah 1hr countdown
    if i can stay up ill pass it if another bid comes in - will have to be in morning
  8. ill do it 2000
  9. Could of just edited
  10. Yeah well erm I just didn't think of that xD
  11. Not gonna make the 38 mins... sry (assuming no one bids again) - feel free to :)

    I'll get it setup on 103 when i wake up
  12. Naww D':
  13. Just read the whole thread :)
  14. What is the problem Alex?
  15. zslumdog - you won with 3000
    ended at 03:06
  16. sweet
    ill pick i up