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  1. Hey i have been on server 9 and i need some help i think i have gone farther than anyone else
    first of all the map does not render until i walk over the spot it just looks black and also i have found 6 villages that have not been touched also i might need help getting back is there anyway i can pay to get sent back to town pm if u can help me
  2. If for pay to get sent back to town you mean be teleported then no - the wild is pretty much vanilla. The best advice for getting out I can give you is to use the live map.
  3. You can always take the death portal home. Tho you lose all your stuff. :(
  4. Ya but i have alot of stuff rare stuff like alot of gunpowder some coco beans some villager eggs and about 2 stacks of mossy cobblestone
  5. ya i have been using it but i have traveled out for about 4 hours it will take a while
  6. Head in the oppisite direction. MLG pro with bow and arrows to get back home, cause i know you'll go through many nights in the wild.
  7. I will try
  8. There is always the most unreliable way ever: wait a few months, years (or weeks, depends on community votes) for a wild reset to be done. Then you can /vault everything, kill yourself and get back to spawn.
  9. how would i vault everything if i was in the wild
  10. Just before resets you get free vault access in the wild. Resets are rare and hated though.
  11. so do i have to be on when thy reset
  12. No-one knows, that's why it's the most unreliable way ever. I really do just trying to walk back. :)
  13. ya i am staying at a village until 1.2.6 so i can trade with the villagers :)
  14. 1.3 will be the next update
  15. Ya just wait till a reset but till then set up a little wild base and live their till the reset.
  16. ya probably will how will i know when theres a reset
  17. Justin of icc will make a post about it and people will vote if they wont to reset it if the majority says yes thne they will say they are reseting it and you will be able to use /vault in the wild then you can just put all your stuff in your vault and then kill your self so you will respawn back in town.
  18. i could help u back to wild spawn But u have to tell me your Cords
    And how much would i get paid?
  19. Find a lot of spawners?
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  20. Probably did