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  1. We all have them but which is the most efficient for melons,pumpkins,wheat and animals. So if you guys think you have a efficient farm then share it with me because im looking to make a better farm
  2. Idk How you can Make it Better But, check this guy out he farm is pretty big : Pthagaard {smp1}
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  3. That is the biggest melon i have ever seen!
  4. I told you ;)
  5. I have an efficient melon design come check it out 11456 smp5 go on epic game of spleef tag and go up stairs on left
  6. What's so great about melons anyway? Bread is just as easy and heals more (takes less time to fill the hunger bar).

    I know they are good for potions, but a stack should last quite a while unless you have a potion shop.
  7. beacuse if you go to wild alot theyre an easy food to bring -very cheap also and self sufficient grow by themselves
  8. hmm i dont know prolly Wheat farm if make muitl layers and water pool on the highest end flowing down with pistons closing it off when it needs to grow but the downside on the reseeding. its time consuming
  9. I wish mushroom stew stacked. It's the easiest food to make of all .....
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