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  1. How come my crops stop growing while I'm offline or out of my res? Is it a glitch or something?
  2. It has to do with chunk loading.
  3. Ahh i see. Well, is it server related or just game related? :eek:
  4. Game related
  5. In SMP, things like crops, animals, and other growing processes will only occur when the chunk is loaded. It isn't lag or anything, if you want your animals to grow, then the chunk would need to have someone in it (therefore keeping it loaded.)
  6. Ohhh, well hopefully they can get it where it does the stuff while you're not there! :)
  7. If someone that lives next to your residence is on- That has the potential to load your chunk as well; therefore they can still grow while you are offline
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  8. wow you know tons for a newbie XD
  9. It's related to the server memory, the chunks you are seeing are loaded in the memory, that's the samefor all the players on the server. If the whole world was loaded in the memory the server would crash by all the memory that is loaded.

    If the chunks with the wheat are not loaded in the memory they won't grow. :)
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  10. Hhrrnnggh.... I hate that word.

    Just because they're a new(ish) player to EMC doesn't mean that they're new to the game.
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  11. I think that's true because I'm playing minecraft since 1.7 beta but emc since 1.0, so that's different
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  12. Actually I have been playing EMC since January, 29 shortly before smp5 was launched, and have been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.8 in October. I simply have not made any effort to put my name out there in that time
  13. If you have a good shop people will visit it often = chunks will load = crops/animals will grow :)
  14. oh ok I get it:D
  15. 'New Member' has to do with number of trophy points, NOT the date they joined. Which is kind of misleading.
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  16. oh I get it:D
  17. There are poeple that are playing in the empire since the beginning but are not active on the site, sothey stay a "new member".
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