Farming Problems!

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  1. So I was wondering why so many of my sugarcane went missing and I kept thinking "Is this a glitch or a hacker?" So one day I went on EMC (today) and I saw that not only was most of my sugarcane went missing but almost all my seeds and stems were plucked off the ground. I am here to ask for help from the EMC community so please help. I live on smp8 and it would be great if someone posted a reply on how to fix this. I am thinking it might be from me building a ceiling over my whole res or from it being bit dark in my farming area but I lit it up a bit and it still won't let me plant things without them disappearing or them popping off. Please help.
  2. I think there was a glitch with sugar cane but it could be fixed, couldn't have been. Not sure.

    As for the others make sure you have enough water, light and nothing is jumping on your dirt or it will pop out of the ground.
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  3. thank you I will try and I think I will move my farm somewhere else too. I will post my progress also.
  4. Here's how I have mine set up. I don't have sugarcane because I made some sugar for cakes. Don't have pumpkins yet due to them being pretty useless until the pumpkin pie update. Everything can be planted just like the melons though.

  5. In the case of sugar cane, do you have water right next to where you are trying to plant? and as panda said, light is important...
  6. Light isn't important with sugar cane. Although sugar cane grows faster in light, and needs water. If your sugar cane is dissapearing, it is being lost due to a glitch EMC couldn't fix. We're all in the same boat here, so please, hang on and don't drown :)
  7. Yes I had water next to it and light
  8. hmmm, then i would pm Aikar to see if it is a glitchy area...