Farming not working properly

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  1. I've setup an auto-wheat farm on my res and it's taking up the entire res. I know exactly how much wheat and seeds should be produced by a single run of this farm and it's VASTLY underproducing. There's gotta be some glitch in the server or something. I actually see seeds flowing down and then they just disappear.

    The size of the farm:
    50 blocks per row x 44 rows = 2200 total blocks

    I just did an entire run and got:
    1271 seeds
    952 wheat

    Res is 18843

    What am I missing here? Is there some issue with my construction or is there some glitch?
  2. I just tested out doing this by hand instead of using water and got the normal yield I would expect. So something about having the water do it is causing it to yield less. :(
  3. wait till it all gets done?
  4. Probably the annoying item grouper.
  5. My advice is this-rebuild it with pistons to push then use water to get it into hoppers.
  6. 1: If your using hoppers to collect sometimes the items get stuck in them because your chest is full
    2: Maybe some items are getting pushed out the water current and on to the side so run around a bit might spot them
    3: You sure they were fully grown when you harvest? :p

    I'll come on right now to take a look at your farm :)
  7. it was all done because when i turned off the water i walked the entire res to check it

    one thing i was thinking is i wonder if it's possibly glitching and getting stuck in the water in between the rows, underneath the dirt where i can't see it and then eventually despawning. that would be unusual since it's covered but would explain why it only happens when i use the water.

    as for rebuilding it with pistons, yeah right... not only would that take forever but i'd have to rework the entire thing to be two rows instead of 4 plus i'd have to build all the pistons.
  8. I checked the hoppers so I know they weren't stuck in the hoppers

    checked that as well

    yeah, not only was it fully grown but it had been grown for 24 actual hours (not game hours) before i had a chance to harvest it
  9. Be sure to check if the water just flows or if it flushes the wheat from untop, like if the water hits the wheat directly from above instead of with the flow
  10. yeah my dispenser starts out flush with the wheat, the only time it falls on top of the wheat is the first block of each level. it's a standard auto-farm.
  11. So far what I can tell is that you are losing 308 wheat per harvest

    That brings you to 1848wheat, with that loss. So you should get around 1848 per harvest after the first loss. Probly not all wheat are fully grown so you will lose from there aswell and since you have such a big field let's just say you will lose 500 from that, that will bring us to 1348. Hmm thats still quite abit from what you get per harvest.

    And since there is no ways for the wheat to get stuck or fall I have no clue other than this :p

    btw this isnt really "calculated" correctly other than your field and the first 308 wheat loss, so I could be very wrong aswell :p
  12. why would I be losing 308? are you taking that from the first block that the water falls on?

    also the wheat IS fully grown, trust me on that... so that's not the issue. i know another player who has a full auto wheat farm like me so i'm going to check with them and see what their yield is as well.

    either way though i should get enough seeds to at least replant the entire field from one harvest and i'm not even getting that.
  13. Water moving entities has always been an issue with SMP. It's quite possible that bukkit's item grouping is causing this loss as well. It is quite normal. You should even be able to see this visually. Watch the items, they'll group. But they will move back and forth and not fluidly with the water. It's just how it works... :(
  14. Is this something that is going to be fixed? The really strange thing is that I recently expanded the auto-farm to take up the entire residence but before I did this it was four sections shorter and produced MORE wheat/seeds than it does now with the extra four sections (which is 16 more rows). Currently I can't even get enough seeds produced to replant.

    So until I figure out why this is happening I've gone to a regular flat-farm and that is producing the regular yield that I expect.
  15. Have you tried to separate them? Perhaps do 1 switch on each side? There isn't much we can do about it.
  16. What do you mean by separating them? like have two separate redstone circuits? Not sure how that would help, that would just take up more redstone. I thought it was the water that was causing the problem?

    Either way I already switched to a flat farm model with multiple floors. If the water or grouping bug (or whatever it is) with Bukkit gets fixed then I still have the autofarm and can test it out.
  17. Nothing on the server side should be able to affect yield. the code is just not designed in a way it would.
    you could however be seeing impacts of the speed of doing it experiencing the fact that computers can not generate TRUELY random numbers, and its possible the chain reaction is causing the RNG to say "1 drop" more often than doing it manually.

    And anyone who can figure out how to solve that problem will be a billionaire IRL.
  18. Then I am going to work 12/5. I want to give money to charity and make up for the logic pro x download.
  19. I'm not sure I totally understood your response Aikar. What random number would be generated in response to water rushing over some crops?

    There's no denying that something is going wrong because when I run over those same crops one by one with my hand I get 1 Wheat per fully-grown crop plus the normal amount of seeds which in general means I get 1.75 stacks per row.... but if I let the water rush over those same crops I'm getting less than half of that.
  20. What aikar is saying, is that when you harvest, there is a range of wheat and seeds that will drop. If you use water on a large enough farm, say, a whole res in size. it will cause that number to get stuck sometimes, causing your yield to more often than not decease.