Farmer's Markets at 4567 and 5618

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  1. What are the Farmer's Markets at 4567 and 5618?

    On my 4567, 4566, 4565, 4411 and 5618 residences there are a collection of stalls and small shops that I refer to as the Farmer's Market. People who want a stall at the Farmer's Market can see the last section at the bottom.

    What is a Farmer's Market?

    The best definition I could find is on

    a market or group of stalls and booths where farmers and sometimes other vendors sell their products directly to consumers.

    How does this work?

    People who are selling things will be provided with a stall so that, when they're ready, they can set up shop signs and fill the chest with items, then sell the items for a profit. Each vendor will have their own subzone with a stall in it.

    What about the parks?

    There are 12 small areas on the Utopia residence where there are mini-parks. These mini-parks are named after 4567's top donators. A list of the parks are below.
    List of Parks:
    • q1zx Park, who donated 10k
    • Duck1D Park, who helped build the stalls & donated various materials
    • iluvpets88 Park, who donated 1 DC of stone brick

    How do I get a stall?

    If you want to obtain a stall, you can do one of 3 things:

    1. Find me and message me in game
    3. Email me at
    How much are the stalls?
    0 rupees.
    Why don't you charge for the stalls? See rule 8, subsection "Do not sell residence permissions without unclaiming the residence." RULES CHANGED, BUT STILL FREE Also, it feels like highway robbery to me if you charge someone for setting up a couple sell signs they could have easily set up at their residence.
    Are the residences open all the time?
    Yes. It used to be an event, but it isn't anymore.
    Why isn't it an event anymore?
    I made a poll and got 100% more votes for making the event full-time than I did for keeping it an event.
    Can I have a stall?
    Of course :D
    How many stalls am I allowed to have?
    2 SMP2 stalls and three Utopia stalls. Utopia stalls include storage stalls.
    Did I leave something out? PM me at
  2. Would like to reserve a storage slot on utopia, if possible.
  3. done
  4. Lol, when I saw the thread closed I thought the Farmer's Market was closed for a second.
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  5. Nope, moved to a different thread since now it's not an event, it's permanently open :)
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  6. When is the utopia res going to be opened?
  7. Currently deciding, residence is finished though
    Opened Saturday, May 26th
  8. Stop pinging me :L
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  9. I will never press that button. :p
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  10. Man, this hasn't been bumped in a LONG time. Big changes coming soon!
  11. As the popularity of the Farmer's Market dwindles, so will the number of spaces available. I have made the decision to move all operations of FM to 5618. I will destroy any non-occupied 4565-67 and 4411 stalls, and owners of used stalls will have 1 month to say if they want their stall transferred to Utopia, but if they don't respond, I'll mail the materials to them.
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  12. The Farmer's Market at 5618 has joined forces with the Flea Market owned by Orthoceratidae to bring the Multi-Family Flea & Farmer's Market Event! No definite date yet, but coming soon!
  13. Can we still request stalls, or are all of your sites closing?
  14. SMP2 location closing. Utopia is still gonna be open. I can set up a stall for you if you want