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  1. Hello empire minecraftians, haigh fayve! o/\o

    This morning, I have created a netherwart farm which has around 240 to 250 nether stalks growing, and a LOT more to be planted. I can normally make about 400 to 600 netherwarts per hour depending on how much i harvest.

    I am opening this to a small minority of users who pass this critera:

    *I know of, or know you well
    *I have dealt with you in the past, (selling products, exploration in wild)
    *You are a fairly old user in EMC

    The reason for this is I don't want someone coming in and stealing all the nether warts or greifing what I have created. + I don't want people competing or fighting over nether warts at any time, only one or two people in the farm who can behave and who preferably get on well.

    If you would like some free nether warts, (or would like to give me a small donation for collecting some), please drop me a post or private message and I will get back to you by tonight on the location/server.

    PS. Here's a lil screenshot of the farm:)

  2. wow mate you know when 1.3 comes out you can grow nether wart in the overworld
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  3. Oh well, i've got the soul sand ready then havent i? + anyone who wants to come down would get a huge booster infront of anyone else.
  4. Hey I'd be interested if you want to give me cords or some Netherwart. Also I can donate limited resources to the farm.
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  5. I will PM you the information.
  6. Be careful of griefers....could you supply me wart for my stores..pm me
  7. I would enjoy coming to look at the nw's, but I meet none of the 3 criteria xD
  8. Define fairly old...,.
  9. I doubt you need to be as olda as me. :) That's because I've been here since a month after EMC launched.
  10. I`ve been here for less than a week. So.. you beat me!
  11. could i use it i've been playing emc for 230 days (a long time) and i have a really good rep for not stealling griefing or manipulating
  12. If anyone is interested, please PM me.