Farm contest!

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  1. If you have ever been on my Res on SMP3, you should know I have a good little farm BUT, I want to see what other EMC farmers can do! That is why I am holding this contest! There is only one prize right now (Best overall farm) but if you would like to donate, more prizes will come! The winner of the best overall farm will get 500R and a enchanted iron sword. (Haven't enchanted it yet) If I got donations, the prize money might go up. If you would like to join, please fill out this.

    Done or not:

    Contest ends on the 30th.
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  2. I think you should expand on "best"
  3. Like the best farm overall. It could just be a wheat farm but its fully automatic.
  4. Awsomeantz1
    Lemme just replant ma wheat
  5. Will check it out.

    The iron sword now has Fire aspect 1 and Bane of arthropods 2.
  6. Ill enter...

    Iv got automatic wheat, cactus and reed farms.

    Username: d1123m
    Sever: SMP3
    Res: 6133
    Done or not: Done

    And ill bump the prize by 1000r