Farm Building for Rares

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  1. Hi! I am starting a new service! If u have some rare items and need a farm built u have looked at the right thread I will take any rare in trade for these farm builds. Just make your offer and pick the farm(s)!

    Auto-chicken farm (eggs)
    Auto chicken farm (cooked meat)
    Auto-sugarcane farm (pick amount of levels)
    Auto flower and seeds farm (afk for flowers!)
    Semi auto wheat / potato / carrot farm
    U can request something different and I'll see what I can do :)

    Also. Tell me the res, and I will need build. For a wilderness service PM me :)


    Rare item u will trade:
    Deadline (opt):
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  2. Big time bump! Premium farms !
  3. what dictates a "rare" item?
  4. Emc special (promos, custom), staff heads, etc
  5. does a chickeneer signed book count?
  6. also, could i see pics for the flower and sugarcane farms?
  7. Yes I'll post pics in a couple hours. I'm currently in the car coming home from a trip.
  8. Bump! If u got an Emc rare item or head come here!
  9. hmmm I made something just like this but I traded DCs of stuff too :p
    edit: hehe I'm keepin that bit lol anyway a DC (54 pieces of haunted candy) what would that get me? (how many layers of sugarcane farm)
  10. Dude please don't advertise your service on my thread it's very rude. Please delete that.
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  11. sorry man I didnt mean to advertise its been dead for ages now sorry I'll edit.
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  12. Ok thanks :) would u like to do business by chance? Interested in a farm?
  13. now you mention it is that sugarcane farm mumbo's? and do you take haunted candy (DCs of it)
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  14. Umm what would be your offer with the haunted candy. (Form at first post) :)
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  15. And yes. Mumbo
  16. Can I see the flower farm?
  17. Yes very soon. Sorry I am still In the car. Like 30 mins.
  18. Here ya go ark, sorry for the wait... 2013-12-14_20.03.58.png 2013-12-14_20.04.06.png