Farm and work duties.

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  1. I've noticed while reading through some of the Survey results that my absence has not gone unnoticed. A little while back I talked with IceCreamCow about stepping down as a moderator because I have a small hobby farm and work full time on Air Traffic systems so I find myself swamped in the summertime. We agreed that I should stay on as a moderator if I had plans to return to full time moderator duties when my workload decreased. I have every intention of doing this.

    For those who have noticed, thanks for your concern and for noticing. I'm glad that my efforts here were appreciated. I still stop by the forums at least every 2 days to check messages and take care of any mod business that you fine folks send my way. Mostly it's my playing time that has taken a hit.
  2. Glad you could inform us <3
  3. i knew there was a reason for your absence
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  4. Yup. We noticed -- we miss you.
  5. Is digital minecraft farming not enough for you?
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  6. It isn't enough for my wife and my desire to remain happily married exceeds my desire to play MC.
  7. For now. You never know what they might add to the game to change your mind :p
  8. I'm thinking she needs her own account.
  9. She has one (alena_j) but she's usually even busier than I am.
  10. What type of farm? Pictures?
  11. I saw you on Utopia Today!
  12. I stopped in at SMP6, SMP7, and Utopia for a few minutes.
  13. Ditto on the hobby farm. :D Just some Hee Haws and a horse.

  14. Yay!
  15. We have a few LaMancha dairy goats (just for personal consumption and for making soap, yogurt, and cheese) and some chickens. We also have a decent garden that is roasting in our 100 degree Fahrenheit, rainless weather; and a several acre pasture for the goats. Our horse died from old age early this year and I had to rent a mini excavator to bury her.

    We sold our goat's milk soaps under the name Woodland Soap, LLC for awhile, but never came close to a return on our money investment, not to mention the major time investment so I let the LLC lapse. I still technically have a website at but I don't maintain it any longer and disabled the links for actually purchasing product. We also have a page on Facebook for Woodland Soap. It's something I'd like to do again some day but I work full time for the Federal Aviation Administration maintaining radars, radios, automation systems, computers and networks, and multiple other Airway Transportation systems. My wife is a full-time student working on her business degree (and using her GI Bill from her 6 years as a Navy Corpsman). And we are also full-time parents of two boys (5 & 6) who my wife homeschools (for now).