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  1. It's been a long time. Just 180 odd days ago, I joined the server, greeted by a great server the best staff and a safe wild, for a while I lived very close to spawn about 200 blocks away, it was a great little sandstone block with small windows, When the wild reset came for 1.8 then I moved to SMP2 and got my land 4373, I made my shop got some rupees and build what is now a very peaceful corner of smp2 with waterfalls and log houses floating islands with hidden rooms but this would not have been half as fun if I didn't have my friends by my side I really have to say thanks to them because they have made my time here EPIC this is the main few Coleballer, toboy1, nkchwarren and stormdogy117 there are more but this is cut due to the size of this post Dx

    I loved this server up until smp4 and on it then started to get a bit well dull the community dropped a few "well-known members" left and now I know why, the spirit of the community in the servers is now next to non-existent, the forums on the other hand is filled with all sorts of great projects and fun stuff. but these don't make the server good I stopped enjoying playing EMC back in May I'd login to the servers but it is not what I fell in love with in November I feel the moderators are stretched between the servers there is Square and there is /report but when there was less servers there was quality in the moderation there was no need for Square and the moderators had time to have a 30min conversation with you about what's on your mind, now adays that is not the case they are busy with /reports and just moderating other server chats on square I mean there moderating but its not good moderating. the Admins well they are 100% AMAZING I could not ask for better Admins Justinguy you were friendly you cared about everything even you cant say that the quality of the servers and the moderation and the community isn't as good as it was back in January you have even had to stop members messaging you and positing on your wall because of all the spam and the amount of members is what has made this happen, its a shame because I feel that new-members may think you run an epic server but don't give a dam about what people want to tell you (when you are just stopping the spam and the 100+ messages and updates. It can't be hard but I can tell you it would be so much easier if you had less servers but you cannot go back now.

    My time at EMC is like a long holiday Its amazing when you go but nearing the end you just get bored and want to go home sadly there is no home in Minecraft only your own sever and singleplayer and that is where I am off to to create my own server with many fellow DT members and staff it will be basic but it will be smaller what we feel will be better sadly we do not have JustinGuy's coding skills but we will plow on and try our best.

    This is our time to leave and it is sad but its what I have to do before I see Empireminecraft what is now an Empire I mean 10 servers is just wow but there is a time when you have to think about what you are doing, staying at EMC for me is basically me watching while eating popcorn EMC get worse and worse by the member count and with more members means more time spent on square = less moderation player to player. lets say EMC is a bath the plug holes are the servers and the water is the quality of the community/moderation play to player the more plugholes the worse to quality goes down untill there is a point where there is just too many players/servers to handle without stressing.

    I have talked to many old members (who have been here from the "arena" days and they have noticed the same thing but when you ask the new members from like a few months ago lets say march they dont think its any better/worse (because they never knew what it was like in the first place ? well that's another question.)

    The moderators have been amazing at keeping EMC together I know now that I would not make a good one due to the fact I no longer feel that EMC is well, Fun.
    EMC has had its days of being kind of the hill but it has just fallen over and slipped down the slope.

    I have had the best times ever in my life here but it's my time to go, and that is my fair well and I'm sad to say it may be the first of many to come.

    I will support EMC till the end of the month just before I let my house and ALL my belongings go to people who need it (griefing party :D) I will check the forums from time to time and see what people are up to hoping that EMC has shot up to full awesomeness like it was but I'm not sure that will happen but it could even SWM thinks the same that EMC needs Justins magic back when he gets settled into his new house and I hope what he will do will be awesome and I wish the best to all of the EMC community (but the griefers :p)

    Thanks for the wonderful memories and great times what are likely to stay with me for long to come,

    (don't worry I didn't expect anyone to read all of this but its here for if you have the time ;) )
  2. I'll miss you even though I barely knew you, good luck outthere and are you looking for a new faction? Don't advertise other servers. - Removed
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  3. Best of luck with your server. We have some big plans ahead. I'm sure we'll see you around. ;)
  4. In recognise you from the forums but not the server's I hope you read it all ;)
  5. Yes, I did like I said good luck finding a new one and see you around abit :p
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  6. why u leaving?? *sigh* there goes another member.... see ya squizz

    ~squizz if u remember from that big fued with eclipsys XD
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  7. *cries until turns into tomato juice*
  8. I'm guessing you didn't read the hole of my post it explains it in 7000 more words then I needed to xD

    EDIT: lol yeah I remember :p (the Grey Text xD now that was funny)
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  9. i usually dont read huge walls of text. theres proof
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  10. so it was good not to add you to the DT back room chat OMG that has like 3000+ messages a day sometimes xD
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  11. Another one bites the dust... *sighs*

    Not fun watching someone go. Although i never knew you were here, it's very sad to see you leave. I hope you have fun!
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  12. nah I'm no PvP guy I'm a builder :p
  13. We"ll see you back in a month or two. Everyone needs a break sometimes ;)
  14. maybe we could feature one of your works in our videos? (seedonutproductionsinc thread for details)
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  15. it's funny how I reconise your name and skin but cant remember what for xD I know its not good to watch people go but its better knowing why then them just going in the wind.
  16. oh I'll pop on the forums but not so much the servers ;) but I hope I do I really do hope I do.

    ah so many posts must edit old ones D: xD
  17. You will be missed greatly. [sheds a tear]
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  18. I don't remember meeting you... Although i may of visited smp4 one time...

  19. I'm smp2 :confused:
  20. No! Bye mate, I'll see you around. :'(
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