Farewell, my friends.

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  1. First of all, I'd like to start with an
    'I am sorry' to all of my wonderful friends.

    Second of all, thank you to the absolutely fabulous
    moderators, administrators, and encouraging friends
    who have made Empire so epic!

    I am sorry, but my time on the Empire is up.
    This is because I have become so busy IRL, and am now working
    on a server for my cousins.

    I promise I will visit once a fortnight, to
    a.) keep my residences
    b.) to say hello and goodbye to friends
    c.) check how the server's going

    To those who I have made groups with, I will still try and get online
    to finish up my adventure with you guys!

    Sorry, again, for leaving you so early in my time on EMC...

    I will still take part in forum discussions, if you're wondering if the Evil Bidder will come and snipe yo' auctions :p

    Hopefully, early next year won't be too busy (year 9, BUSYish)
    so I'll make some more frequent visits.

    By the way, I'm throwing a party on SMP6 at residence 12351 for about 1 hour from now... so I can say goodbye to friends. I will NOT be giving away anything, as this isn't an official goodbye forever. If you feel you would like to be acknowledged by me properly, go ahead and leave a comment, and I'll write you up a part of my heart :) Love, MissMadison910
  2. AW MAN! Why you leave :(
  3. Very hard to explain... but, in the meantime, why don't you come to my farewell party...?
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  4. Bye untill then, remember to be the smart girl in your class. :)
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  5. You were a great friend to me, we had some good fun and laughs and you have helped me heaps of times
    I can only wish you the best of luck in your future ahead :)
  6. No, you too, I don't like it that you are leaving... Good luck with your life..
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