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  1. Hi Everyone, just here letting you know some of the questions many people have been asking on the server.;)

    How do you claim a lot- There are many ways of doing this task, the most efficient way is to use the command /visit open, and then a message saying which open residence you visited, type /claim (the number that came up) and there, your new residence!

    I'm lost in the wilderness/Wastelands Help!- Note. I recommend downloading and installing Google chrome for this as windows internet explorer usually doesn't respond.

    Goto www.empireminecraft.com and click on the 'Live Map' tab, then on the sidebar click on wastelands or wilderness, whichever one your lost in or need navigating. Either look for you or scroll down the players list and find your name then click on your name and ise the map to find your way back!

    I will add more questions in the future. Goodbye -Echidy
  2. Good to make sure people stop spamming the chat with help im lost.
  3. thanks for the tip. i'd probably end up in the far lands if i didn't know how to find myself.
  4. This is all in the guide but I see your intentions are good, NOTE: The wilderness has NO live map
  5. yeah, I realized no wilderness map :confused:
  6. Dude, why are you bumping these?!
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