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  1. We did an early draft Saturday. Crossing our fingers that our starters don't get injured in the preseason.

    I had no idea what I was doing going into this, its my rookie year and my team name is RookieUpset. I didn't follow NFL play very much prior to this but since saturday i cant stop reading, researching and thinking about my roster, my opponents, hipeful free agents and trades. We have a max of 12 adds with a one time buy in. It was supposed to be 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 2TEs, 1flex, 1kicker and 1defense. The league manager screwed up the second tight end slot so we
    instead have a sort of flex where we can place a third RB/WR.


    Eight teams, I drew 3rd pick.
    First round pick: #1/2 ranked overall pick RB A. Peterson
    2: WR D. Thomas
    3: RB Matt Forte
    4: QB D. Brees(everyone was picking up QBs early)
    5: I'm not telling, was SUPPOSED to be Amari Cooper. I dropped this pick as soon as the draft was submitted.
    6: TE j. Witten
    7. QB t. Brady (I should have got another reciecer but I thought I had it well covered)
    8. TE z. Ertz (the most picked up TE since drafts started)
    9. Rams defense(again everyone started pulling defenses early)
    10. WR j. Bell
    11. WR A. Johnson
    12. WR b. Lafell(still lots of good running backs on the board surprisingly)
    13. RB J. Randle
    14. QB A. Smith (I have two hall of famers and pick this guy up just to make sure I have a QB... I dunno?)
    15. RB L. Murray

    At this point the league manager lets us know that even though we have planned a 20 round draft he messed something else up and we will only be able to keep 16 of our picks... oh, thanks dude.

    16. Broncos defense
    17. K M. Crosby
    18. TE C. Clay
    19. WR J.Brown
    20. No one even picked we already had our teams and it was late.

    So of these picked I still didn't realize that the Cooper I picked up in round 5 wasn't amari and to get only 16 we had to drop 3. I dropped Alex Smith, John brown and randle. I now wish I would have kept randle as I only have two wide recievers of note.

    I have had 2 of my 12 adds even before week 1. Dropped number five pick and got WR Roddy White and dropped Charles Clay and picked up RB Chris Ivory. I'm projected to win week 1's game after that second add. Before I was on the losing end.


    QB: Drew Brees(if Brady can get his suspension repealed I will start him in week 1)
    RB1: A Peterson(duh?)
    RB2: M. Forte(another duh)
    WR1: D. Thomas(see a trend?)
    WR2: A. Johnson
    TE: J. Witten
    RB/WR: RB L. Murray(my fifteenth round pick, who would have thought)
    Flex: RB C. Ivory(picked him up tonight
    K: M. Crosby
    Defense: Rams

    125.92 projected points. I think I can handle that. especially since someone in my division is projected at only 96 points on first game O.O

    This is my rookie year so if I make a stupid comment, just let me know.

    Another rookie just traded away Golden Tate for J. Landry... but... why?
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  2. Good luck. You're gonna need it.
  3. What makes you say that? Right now I'm projected top 3 of my league. I really don't know if that actually means anything but its got to count for something.

    Two hall of fame quarter backs, solid running back line up with the top draft pick leading them, arguably the best defense of 2015 (rams) with a pretty good back up for my defense, a good kicker, hall of famer hopeful tight end Witten and a solid back up in Ertz. Last but not least THOMAS, johnson and roddy catching. There is only one person in my league that i think has a better line up and he is my roommate lol. So if worse comes to worse i can just pillow snuff the competition XD kidding of course.

    If you are seeing something I'm not though, I would love input. I'm probably sticking as much as I can with this team until the middle of November. I have 10 adds left and Nov 13th is our trade cut off date. I will have to look more at how the playoffs actually work but I think once Thursday of week 14 starts our roster is set in stone.
  4. Ivory and Brees are out of the starting line up this week. Brady!!!! And Adams wide receiver for the packers. With Nelson gone I have HIGH hopes for him.

    Come on kickoff!!!! This is taking too long haha!

    Edit: so how bad are the steelers going to be chewed up tonight ? Lol
  5. You guys play IRL pokemon too? That's awesome!
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  6. Awwww man. You know we cant talk smack with any kind of finesse on this board. You BUTTERFLY!

    Edit: the case of Holland brew may have made me missinterpret that... Brady go! Super bowl throw to gronk! Steelers faint. Send out next pokemon?
  7. My fantasy draft strategy is to take a RB in the first and second rounds, then 3 WR in rounds 3-5. Then you grab yet another back, a TE, then your QB, your kicker, your D/ST and then grab the remaining WR that look like they will have good seasons. I've won my league for the past few years :p
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  8. This is mostly in line with what I have read on draft strategies. However, brady in seventh round.. say you would pass that up, please. Also, Ny first draft and the people taking QB's early got to me, thats the only reason I have brees
  9. And now... what did I say? If you drafted Gronk, GG!
  10. With the close of week one and the inevitable knee jerk reaction fantasy football will have due to it, we need an update :D

    Week 1 game:
    QB- T. Brady- 27.62 points
    RB- M. Forte- 22.60 points
    RB- A. Peterson- 5.20 points... balling my eyes out on this
    WR- D. Thomas- 6.00 points come on guys!
    WR- A Johnson- 2.40 points now you are just messing with me
    TE- J. Witten- 18.00 points oh but he is too old I thought?
    W/R- L. Murray- 8.00 points
    W/R/T- D. Adams- 5.90 points Jones really put adams on the back burner this game
    K- M. Crosby 7.00 points
    D- Rams 14.00 points doing amazing but there was a lot of high scoring defenses this week, keep it up rams

    BN- (QB)D. Brees 16.50 points
    BN- (RB) J. Bell 4.10 points
    BN- (RB) C. Ivory 22.00 points now you know I kicked myself for this one
    BN- (WR) R. White 8.4 points while not as flashy as thomas or johnson he did bring numbers this week
    BN- (TE) Z. Ertz 4.6 points Ertz may very well be on par with witten but that didn't get recognized this week
    BN- (DEF) Broncos 16.00 pounts I don't think Broncos will maintain a higher scoring average than rams, lets see.

    Total points: 116.72 (would have been a lot flashier had I played Ivory which I will be doing week 2 over adams)

    Opponent: 96.24 points

    League standing: 2nd in division 3rd overall.

    Top scoring for week 1:

    132.56 top ranked
    124.84 second ranked (I had expected to beat this but many of my studs simply didn't deliver, looking at you peterson, or more accurately: bridgewater.)

    I won my first week of fantasy football and I have to say, it feels pretty good. I'm sure there will be a ridiculous amount of adds/trades the next few days but I'm sticking with this lineup until at least week5 pending injuries/suspensions. If A. Johnson doesn't score better week 2 then Roddy will be replacing him as starting WR. If Adams has a good week I may consider putting him back into the lineup somewhere. I really don't feel like taking out Demaryius Thomas would be in my best interest.

    Edit: If you didn't see last nights game, you missed out. It was very entertaining and Hyde... dear lord that man made heaven sing every time he got the ball. Poor vikings couldn't stop him.