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  1. Minecraft Fanfiction
    By Historian101
    I was in a strange world. Everything was made of blocks, trees, hills, water, everything. I got up from where I was lying, and started exploring the world. After about 10 minutes, or what seemed like 10 minutes, my stomach started to grumble. My instincts began to kick in, with food coming first. I had read about how ancient tribes used wood and stone to make tools and homes. I put that knowledge to use and gathered wood with my bare hands. I made a crude sword, and sharpened it against a rock. Searching around, I found a pig. Hitting it, it dropped some pork. I ate it raw, and it made me sick. Next with some of the wood I had left, I made an axe to gather more wood to make a pick and a hut. I looked up to see what time it was, since my watch wasn’t on my wrist where it usually was. It was about midday. I found a small cave and started mining, and after 5 minutes, I found coal. I figured I had enough, considering I had enough to make a set of stone and wood tools, and upgrade my hut to make a second floor. It was sunset now, and I had a feeling I had to get inside quickly. As soon as I had shut my door, I started hearing moans, hisses, and bones clattering. I made a small hole, and what did I see? A undead face resembling my own staring right at me. I quickly patched it up. I was above sleeping on the floor, I was not an animal like that pig I had killed earlier. So I spent the night scared half to death. I passed out. When I awoke, It was morning.

    More to come!