Famous YouTubers

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  1. Well I was playing the walls When a Wild MeMyselfAndPi Appeared!

    For those who don't know him he is a Famous Cuber from YouTube (Someone who solves Rubix's cubes quickly)

    Now this Disscusion is for Famous YouTubers you have met :)
  2. I meet you once :)
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  3. We should do that again sometime :p
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  4. My screenuim is completely screwed
  5. Oh is that your recording Program
  6. I haven't met him but my favourote youtuber is uberhaxornova!0
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  7. I've had the opportunity to meet ChampChong a couple of times, but I couldn't make it. He lives in the same city as me, haha :p
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  8. Ah well these are kinda girly famous youtubers but.. I met Kina Grannis and juicystar07 once. Don't know if you know them but yeah :p
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