Famous Players! in my place<3

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  1. Hey,

    Look at my ''Creation''

    Made by:

    Hotel: Prototype2399, Timsxxx
    Recorded: Highbuddy
    Server hosted: Highbuddy
  2. Awesome! Keep on making vids!
    Could you include me in there? After all friday is my 1 years old birthday :D
  3. Thanks! Maybe i added you, You could take a look friday :)
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  4. I am making the 1st best emerald factory! I would be in there, too?
  5. I add when im online!
  6. FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 - Ends typical you-tube style comment..

    Lol good work..
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  7. But, but, but where is The Tomato King?
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  8. Yeah, where's the Tomato King he needs to be there, after all.. he is a king:)
  9. Why is I not there?
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  10. Tomatoes arent allowed on the EMC <3 video
  11. What did you do? :p
  12. I did nothing. But I'm Yankees518. Is that enough for you?
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  13. Seems that you forgot one of the most famous members of all... :cool:
  14. Nope!

    You need to do something beyond the beyond in EMC, like my emerald factory and Aikar a Mod
  15. Hmmmm . . .

    I'd say Twitch1 should be NOT in there!

    JK :p
  16. I know right? to me i think he just wanted to add all the mods to try and 'impress' them ... just sayin
  17. Well, RETIRED Staff is not impressed.
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  18. lol...citizens makes this tooo easy
  19. Its a fun little thing imo :)