Family feud at 101 on smp1!!! Mods versus diamond supporter!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Olaf_C, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Visit 101 to see all the action! 6 mods against 6 diamond supporters! Go to 101 to see the action!
  2. Mods vs Players*

    They just all happened to be diamond at the time.
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  3. No, its still diamond vs mods.
  4. The changed it back.

  5. I honestly doubt you could get 6 mods online at the same time, let alone join the game. And, the last with diamonds.
  6. Good luck getting 3..
  7. Come to smp1 and check it out with your own eyes. it is going on right now!
  8. Come see \o3o/
  9. We already got them all!
  10. No. It was always Mods Vs. Players
  11. I'm impressed. Very. For my doubts, I'd donate, but I'm not at a computer. Do you plan on having these more often?
  12. These aren't mine. GameKribJim made this at his res with a stage and stands. I don't know but i think there will be more.
  13. I am not asking for donations. I just love this and want a bunch of people to show up