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  1. I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3 for a year now, and I played some of the original Fallout as a child when me and my dad had the house to ourselves. I have put 3 hours into Fallout 2 (don't judge me pls), 24 hours into Fallout 3 (I've completed the game three times in that time :rolleyes:), and 81 hours into Fallout: New Vegas.

    I recently started playing New Vegas again with a new character. Most of my mods are the same as I've been using since January. I'm thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling so that I can get rid of some of the things that mess with textures and meshes. Unpacking .BSAs doesn't work for me :p

    So, um... yeah. A thread for Fallout fans. Whoo?

    So... meet J. He's a smooth-talking ladies man with his own personal Titan and a pet Deathclaw, called Snuggles. He kills legion soldiers as a hobby and he travels alone. He wears an epic masked costume I found one day while browsing the Fallout Nexus. Its meant to look makeshift but awesome, and it done well :p
    (This also isn't a legit playthrough. I haven't actually done anything with the console yet but I will because I always do, even if I'm trying not to... >.>)

    Btw he's also a Time Lord and he owns a TARDIS. He just doesn't know it yet...
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  2. Nice. Fallout is one of my favorite games.
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  3. pft nub. I've spent like 80 hours in Fallout 3 and over 100 hours in New Vegas :p
  4. I can't stand Fallout 3 though and I'm aiming to get 100 hours in New Vegas by the end of the year :p
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  5. Made a Time Lord. This ensued:

    We may never know what this guy looked like since I was getting shot as I took the picture. He was old, had glasses, and wore a wastelander outfit. Died during the Powder Ganger fight, (I killed Joe Cobb earlier on, and defended Goodsprings) regenerated in the desert just outside the town.

    The First Courier regenerated into the Second Courier. I just randomized his appearance and clicked on any old hairstyle. I didn't like him, so I let the coyotes kill him in the desert. Unfortunately, Victor intervened. Then he left and I find more Coyotes...

    Then the Third Courier was born. He lives in the abandoned shack just outside Goodsprings because after what happened to his previous two regenerations, he is traumatized of the Wasteland. His appearance is slightly-ever-so-randomized-but-with-my-finishing-touches and I like him. Decided to leave the game after this. I'm going to make it so that he's killed by an explosion in that minefield outside of the Cottonwood overlook once I advance slightly further into the story. Tomorrow will be a fun day...
  6. I have no idea how to join the powder gangers cuz every new save i create is one that is good at getting bottle caps (high strength for carrying crap to sell, High barter skills, stuff like that) so I keep on good terms with good springs.

    My favorite character I made was Walter White an old man that make bottle caps from selling alcohol and various drugs from the apartment outside of McCarren the NCR base. Would often raid the house outside of freeside that grows a bunch of maize xD
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  7. I made Walter White once too. I just resold Dixon's jet (that stuff goes for a lot), Steady, jet and that other one I can't remember right now. I stole Doc Mitchell's pork-pie hat thingy he has and I genuinely looked like Walter.

    I was doing a permadeath thing, though, and I was killed by a frigging mole rat.
  8. mmmmmm porkpie ;P
  9. Pork-pie food = Ew.
    Hat? = Women find it attractive, hot and they'll be all over you if you wear one.
  10. I may have accidentally regenerated again after killing Mr. House and causing all the Securitrons on the Strip to attempt to murder me.

  11. I always rush to the strip to gamble ( most of my chars have 10 luck).
    getting kicked out of all the casino's in the strip after just 3 hours of playing...
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