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[Answer After Reading the Thread] Will You give Fallout Shelter a try?

Yes 5 vote(s) 50.0%
Maybe (Not Sure) 2 vote(s) 20.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
*Burn The Game* 3 vote(s) 30.0%
  1. So, as some of You know, Fallout Shelter just came out for Android devices. Of course as a Fallout fan I couldn't let it slide... I had to play it. Today I'll share some thoughts, tips and maybe a small review.

    Fallout Shelter is the first onslaught of the post-apocalyptic franchise on smartphones. The title was announced during the pre-conference of Bethesda Softworks at E3 2015. Originally released for iOS devices, the game became an instant success by providing a strategic gameplay addictive and rewarding. The game is also available for Android devices now as well.

    Your objective in Fallout Shelter is to create your own Vault. For those who don't know the franchise yet, Vaults are underground shelters that were intended to provide protection from the horrors of the nuclear devastation.

    Extend your community
    Increase the number of citizens present in their underground facilities is an essential task to get along. After all, the growth of the vault will depend solely on the amount of available workers. The greater the number of residents, the greater the number of rooms and resources available.

    Improvements are needed
    There are several employees at your facility, but they can they handle the job? No? So maybe it's time to improve the facilities a bit. If you are needing more electricity, for example, realize improvements in their generators. The same rule applies to all other types of buildings: always try to save some caps (the game's currency) to perform upgrades often.

    Work occasionally and fast
    Lack of resources can certainly ruin the evolution of your vault. So never run out of food, energy and water. Remember that "Rush" option can help you in desperate situations.

    Meet the people of your vault
    Knowing the individual characteristics of each resident is part of the learning process, as certain characters work best in certain functions. To know the attributes of an individual, press the desired worker and locate the "SPECIAL" option.

    (SPECIAL stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck.)

    A resident with a high level of Strength (S) is ideal to conduct the work in Power Plant, that is, it will be one of those responsible for handling the power generators. On the other hand, people with Agility (A) high should be directed to work in the kitchen as well as intelligent (I) to science laboratories and medical centers.
    Charismatic characters (C) do well in radio stations, while the lucky ones (L) increase the likelihood of successful rush.

    Get equipment and explore the Wasteland
    Throughout the game, you can get equipment and weapons for its inhabitants. The weapons can be given to residents near entrance of the facility, as well as the team will be able to react quickly to unexpected attack.
    Also, there are clothes available in the game, quite useful to improve certain citizen skills. There are costumes for scientists, explorers, officers etc.

    Complete goals and save money
    Unlike many free games that plague the player with dozens of micro-transactions, Fallout Shelter delivers all the features in the user's hand. The vault progress depends solely on the quality of administration.
    To win caps and lunch boxes full of items, characters and accessories, just complete the missions required for the title. The goals are usually very simple and range from collecting a certain amount of food, speed up production facilities and recruit a specific number of inhabitants.

    So, will you play Fallout Shelter? Will you like it? Go give it a try (Specially if you are a Fallout fan like me).

    Now regarding about the devices You'll play on... I have ONLY played on a Android device. So I can't be very specific about the experience of this game on the iOS device. Sorry QwQ

    ATTENTION: Fallout Shelter just came out for Android. Expect your game to crash often from time to time. I didn't see any Bug (YET) but the game crashes a lot. (I'm sure Bethesda will fix it soon)
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  2. I had this before u made the thread :D
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  3. So, did You like it? Any thoughts you want to share?
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  4. Yeah it's fun, but I cant see myself constantly playing it. I play it a few times a week, but other than that I'd rather be playing Fallout 1-3 or Fallout NV. I'm just not a big fan of the expanding and resource style of it.
  5. Unplayable on ipod 4th gen (It was sort of playable when it was released)...
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  6. Well I may as well try it! I will get it on my IPad! I'm a sucker for these progress games. Paradise Bay, for example.
  7. Wow! This game is AWESOME!
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  8. Fallout Shelter is a very well made, fun and quirky time-waster and even though it has in-app purchases they're not game-breaking nor necessary, as you can get the same items in-game via simple quests.

    That said, while there's an initial rush of fun and excitement, especially if you're a Fallout fan (I am) like most similar games, it gets boring after about a week, give or take.

    And since we're talking about Fallout...

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  9. Wait ok I'm confused now. I got the T-60f Power Armor which gives E+5...Endurance is storage room, but what's the point of assigning someone there?
  10. I believe it will raise the dweller's happiness but I think that's about it.

    Better use of an Endurance dweller is Nuka Cola bottling factory, Near the entrance of your shelter to protect against raids or for exploring the wastes.
  11. I'm not quite at that point yet xD I have 12 Dwellers
  12. *puts down shovel and climbs out of the pit under his house*

    Game? What game?
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  13. I love fallout series. This game... took a little while to get used to how to do things but I'm getting the hang of it now. I like it so far.
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