Fallout Shelter (Now Out for PC!)

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  1. Yes, I know Pokémon GO is more famous right now and I know most of you don't even care about Fallout Shelter. But let me tell you something.

    I hate Nintendo and I don't care what you think. Pokémon GO is not available in Brazil (because Nintendo literally gave up selling their products here,) and now all I have to play is anything but Pokémon GO.

    Anyways, for those who don't know or didn't see the news, Fallout Shelter is officially out for PC.
    I just wanted to share this information to the people who love Fallout the same way as I do.

    IF you wish to download it for your PC, just head to Bethesda.net and download the Bethesda Launcher. It`s easy peasy lemon squeeze.

    So, yeah, that's about it. If you want to use this thread for something useful share some of your experiences and funny stuff that happened on Fallout Shelter. Or you can just use it to rub in my face how Pokémon GO is awesome. Either way, I hope Nintendo steps in a Lego block.
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  2. This is great! My fiance has a windows phone so he can't get any cool games that come out ..he's actually quite sad he can't play Pokemon Go unless I'm around so he can use my phone. So to finally hear that Fallout Shelter is out for PC he'll be very happy because that's also a game he had to use my phone in order to play haha