Fallout Res SMP7

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  1. Well some might know that I was going to make Rapture on my res but was stopped by the task of digging out my res to bedrock. (That would be around 250,000 blocks)
    Now an idea was put forth by a good friend of mine to make portions of the fallout universe on my res(15336). Any ideas or supplies would be helpful and would be awarded with thanks and maybe a free spot in the future vault. If anyone is interested please respond to this thread and thank you for your time.
    A local survivor-
  2. What supplies do you need? Also, have you heard of the texture pack called Last Days? It makes everything look post-apocalyptic.
  3. Make a chest with access for xatharon and I will drop some supplies there for you, I'll get you stone, wool and iron blocks. Not a whole lot but some should help get you going.
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  4. Thanks but it will need to wait till July when I come back from vacation. If only I packed a decent computer.
  5. Last Days would be the perfect pack for this sort of thing. I used it while playing Technic pack once, was rather cool.
  6. Well anything would be nice I'll set up chest on the bridge on my res. I have used that pack but I rather the base texture pack.
  7. Just remind me. Send me a PM when you are ready.
  8. Update

    I finished up the dirt hill that will house the vault entrance and shops have bin made on the over pass bridge. Any ideas would be great.

    Ps I add a small bunker behind the hill look for it
  9. Update
    I have began working on the vault and I have to say im impressed what I can do. The supplies really helped. Any ideas would be great.
  10. The entrance to the vault could be hidden inside a partially collapsed building. You could also build an overpass with a village on top.
  11. Hmm well I have not thought about the building but I did build a town( sort of) on the high way. Check it out.