Fallout New Vegas question

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  1. So i was playing New Vegas today, when i suddenly heard, although very faint, a woman screaming. I looked around the farmhouse i was at, but found nothing. Has anyone who has played this ever heard this, or even know who/what made it? Is it a quest of some sorts?
  2. been couple of years sense I played but most likely a feral ghoul around the farmhouse. Is the farmhouse northern part of the map?
  3. Never heard it.. hm...

    Tbh, that farmhouse was a base for a Mod-Only faction last time I played there...
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  5. PC or console?
  6. Yea very big difference... should got for PC... Mods galore lol
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  7. I put off getting NV for 6 months so I could get PC....

    But eventually got it for X-Box....

    So yea :D
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  8. Yes, I was on a road to Jacob's Town when I had to stop at it to go to sleep. It was near vault 22 and a wrecked caravan, and a little ways off from new vegas

    Xbox 360, so it wasn't a mod.
  9. Ive only played the first misson on pc, so cant be of much help. Its on my to play list.