Fallout for Free!

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  2. I do love GoG.
  3. Sadly this thread will probably be overlooked by most of the empire players. Kids these days.
  4. I definitely did not overlook this! Thank you for sharing SWM
  5. Fallout came out in what, '97? There's a large chunk of peeps on here that weren't even a twinkle in their fathers eye then.

    I feel old now. :(
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  6. I've met gamers who didn't know what tabletop games were. How does that make you feel? Though speaking of that makes me want to post this piece of awesome.
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  7. That makes me feel ill inside.

    I was brought up on a strong diet of outdoors activities and pen and paper RPG's or tabletop wargaming. Hell, I can still recall my AD&D character from 1995-97; Brunzhiemer (Spoke with a dodgy German accent), Ranger who seemed to have a habit of knocking peoples heads off in fights, had a scar on the left side of his face, was missing a lung, no teeth, all his hair had fallen out and had a bad limp.
    Guy was a legend.

    Shadowrun... We played that briefly, but didn't really get into it. I know there was a game for it on the Xbox which was pants. *Watches the vid*

    Oh god. I've gone all nostalgic now.


    Interesting to see it's going to be a 2d single-player turn-based game. I love the concept, but interesting, nonetheless, in this day and age.

    -Edited Again-

    I've just had a flash back to myself and a bunch of mates playing Shadowrun instead of AD&D... I had the top level med cover, and I remember we got into a scrap in a tower block with no way out. My mate Daniel had his character shoot me several times to get my med backup in to give us a chance to escape.

    I never forgave him for that.

    "Yeah, right, I spin round to Kil and empty my mag into his legs."
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  8. I just downloaded it, does it work for mac?
  9. You've never played a pen and paper tabletop rpg? You at least know what they are right? Also no idea about the mac thing. These games came out at a time when you would've been laughed at for asking about gaming on one.
  10. I know what they are, but never played on one. I'm not that old, but i DO remember when FF was in the 1 digits. OH NOES WINDOWS!!! Mac Y U NO WORK?!?!? Im so mad i can't play it.
  11. You really need to start using the Edit button.
  12. I have a mac, but I may be getting a copy of windows this weekend, so for now I'm just listening to the soundtrack :D
  13. Please, Mac users do not waste MONEY on Windows software...
    You must merely acquire a free copy of Wine (site) download and PlayOnMac (site) download for Mac OS X. These are freeware programs, I do not condone piracy.
    Also, the official Wine for Mac OS X Wiki.
  14. So once we download those 2, do we just open the fallout setup or do something with the 2 programs?
  15. Run both programs, update Quartz and once fully operational, download and run the installer for fallout or any other .exe file and it should install the program and run in a Wine Wrapper through PlayOnMac :)
  16. Ok i have playonmac up, I've got Wine up, do i goto wine bottler or Wine?
  17. Remove WineBottler, that will interfere with PlayOnMac. You need to install and run Wine first. Then install and run PlayOnMac until they are fully up to date. PlayOnMac is going to need some files installed, but I am not sure which ones right now... I did this months ago when I bought Cobalt...
  18. I think its working, is Fallout a good game? I haven't played 1 or 2, just 3 and Vegas