[Fallout 4] Post Your Settlement Screenshots

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  1. Let's all post screenshots of our settlements.

    First up I have my lounge area. You can kick back on my deluxe couch. It's old, it's decrepit and may or may not be pee stained. You can read through my vast library of 5 books or kick back and watch some TV. (Caution service interruptions are to be expected.)

    Next up we have my museum area. Here you can find your collectable books, bobbleheads and the much improved Tinman.

    Next is my home office. Very important work gets done here. There's .. uh.. ahh who are we kidding. I turn on the oldies and drink myself to sleep. It's not easy being the lone wanderer. :(

    Behold! Top of the line 2 inches of posturepedic proback titanium 3000 with memory foam. This thing is so sweet you'll think you died and went to heaven. (Which is likely.. have you see the scurry people out there.) And don't bother looking under the bed. When opened it releases the Leboeuf, then we are all in trouble...

    Finally we have the hoop. Hey just cuz the world is dead, doesn't mean you can't still be a baller. :cool:

    Hope you enjoyed and I look forward to seeing what others have set. :)
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  2. i will soon own fallout 4, it is downloading as we speak will be sure to put screenies here
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  3. Am I the only one who didn't build anything on it, just killed the minute men, and only go back to use the weapons workbench