falling off edge of world glitch (help!)

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by just_five_fun, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. lewileesmith and I have glitch into the edge of the map

    we are on smp4, please fix, tp to spawn or something.

  2. I believe you are just lagging :( or your internet is bad :( isn't a glitch, just connection problems
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  3. I would suggest you and your friend disconnect and reconnect in a few mins :)
  4. A friend of mine and I hit an edge, a very large cube, that sunk us into the void and killed us. If it does not kill you it's lag.
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  5. The far-land! there boss memories :)
  6. My friend died, but I logged off b4 any death message.

    Ill wait and see if something can be done.
  7. ah, my friend would call them beta holes I think.
    Is the one you're in somewhat large and underground?
  8. it's a glitching falling kind of deal.

    but I could see it wasn't going to end well.

    I logged off and back on and it was still doing it.
  9. are you able to get to a wall and build your way up?
  10. no, I am not really able to do anything
  11. Big Dave was able to help me because I waited to log on until he was ready.

    Thanks very much, I'm all better now!