falling glitch items gone

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  1. Hi, i was in the jungal when i fell, when i was falling i aimed myself into water running down into the cave, but the game had then glitched and i kept falling over and over until finnaly i had to restart and i died and all my stuff burnt even tho the lava was far away and no way all of my stuff went that 1 way, i lost 1200r worth of stuff so i would at least like to know how this could happen?
  2. This has happened to me a few times.

    -One happened while walking normally through a desert/beach Biome and I started to fall through the void and ended dying by the void death thing.

    -The other was talking in a slime farm and I glitched out like some blocks and fell to lava some how.
  3. That sucks :(
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  4. I drowned in water with 8 bubbles left...
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  5. I lost 10k worth armor & enchants before update.
  6. I lost 100k on my building. ALL the blocks dissapeared!!
  7. Herbrin3 should chip in on this.
  8. *cough* nottomentionhowhorribleboatsare *cough*
  9. I lost a whole invo of netherbrick and a chest full because minecarts are gltiching and disappearing and random suffecation from them
  10. glad this stuff has never happened to me before.
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