Faithcaster's Museum Preparations

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  1. Hello EMC
    As you know, I am building a museum, and for such a thing, you need rares. I have a great amount of rares, but unfortunately not all of them, this is where you guys comes into the pictures. I am basiclly trying to buy/trade/loan any item from this list. If you have any of these items, or know anyone who does - Please let me know either in the thread or in a PM in-game/the forum.
    • Aikar, Maxarias, Bigdavie, Green_Mystery, AlexChance, bloodra1n, B4DMAN5IMON, margaritte, hatorijr, Dwight5273, Torian42, AZHamster, Dark Nidus, allengero, 5weety, PirateOfDW, NZScruffy, Empire Minecraft, highlancer54 and xXvexenXx Player Heads!
    • Arena Longbow
    • Sword of Udder Justice
    • PvP Krysyy Head
    • Empire 80k Helmet
    • Empire 80k Chest
    • Empire 80k Leggings
    • Empire 80k Boots
    • CRAFTA Award Book & Golden Apple
    • Regular Dragon Poop
    • EMCCon ICC Head
    • EMC Artisan's Palette
    • EMC Builder's Wand
    • Diamond EMC Games Medals
    • ICC Head: Cow's Canvas
    • Voter's Block.
    • Gold Supporter Voucher
    • Dragon Egg
    • 2013 EMC Birthday Cake
    If you or somebody you know/heard of have ANY of these items, please PM me - I can either buy it from you or set up a deal of you lending it towards the SMP1Museum!
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  2. I know it isn't on the list but I do have a full set of IDay armor and the sword (No fireworks). I also have 3 of the EMC Bday cakes. I'd let you buy em if you want. :)
  3. Thank you to Qwerty189 for lending me his Voters Iron Pickaxe, Voters Bow, Voters Shears and <<< DO NOT CLAIM : CLAIM CHEST ABOVE >>> Independence Leggings.
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  4. They have already been collected for the museum, thanks anyways ;()
  5. Thank you to Supah_Danny for selling me Starter Set for an amazing price :)
  6. I have Aikar's 12/23/13 Head dunno if you'd be interested in me lending it to you? Or if you already have it.
  7. Deathconn has the PPP paper :p
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  8. Ain't buying it if it isn't on the list, This one isn't on the list ;)
  9. Ah well, you posted Aikar's head I was unsure of which one :p

    EDIT: Oh I see now you posted PLAYER HEADS. How did I miss that?
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  10. Huge thanks to BTHarrold98 for lending the SMP1Museum, 1x Iron EMC Games Medal, 1x Gold EMC Games Medal, 1x Voters Diamond Hoe, 1x Iron Vote Sword and a Dragon Egg!
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  11. I am donating 1 of each Voter's items- sword, axe, shovel, hoe. They're on my Utopia Res 5060 in chest, in front of the castle. Take whateveer one(s) you need.
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  12. Thanks to deathconn for lending me his Purple People Party Paper!
  13. Huge thanks to autumnrain26 for lending me her Maxarian Shoes!
  14. Thanks for BevK56 for lending hes Diamond Voting Axe & Spade to the SMP1Museum.
  15. A huge thanks to RainbowChin for lending his White Point Star & White Point Star Lore Book to the SMP1Museum!
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  16. Thanks to DE4L for selling me a Marlix Helmet.
  17. Thanks to Supah_Danny for selling me his A Piece of a Pyramid!
  18. I *think* I have a do not claim iDay sword, will check tomorrow or Monday at latest.
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  19. I have a DO NOT CLAIM freedom blade and silken_thread's head!
  20. I got a 'Dragon Poop' (I think that's regular?) I would not mind selling it :p If you want it fire me an offer!