Faithcaster's AMA [Ask me anything]

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Faithcaster, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Hello Empire
    I have decided to make my FIRST AMA
    Please Ask Me Anything You Would Like To Know About Me, And I'll Answer The Best I Can
  2. How much Rupees do you have, DONT LIE!
  3. HOW did you choose your username
  4. Do you or do you not like pie
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  5. When will 1111 open?
  6. What is your name?
    What is your Quest?
    What is your favorite color?

    Did you get this reference?
    Did you read it in the correct voice?
  7. Rupees.PNG
    With my materials i have around 2,3 Million Rupees
    I first used "Faithcaster" 5 years ago in World of Warcraft. I was starting to play on a Warlock and i called it Faithcaster, because yeah... Throwing Faith Everywhere!!!!
    What pie are we talking? Pumpkin pie is great stuff but some pies are abit meh..
    1111 will NEVER re-open. I have built a complete similar mall at residence 1112 that will open in around 1 week
    My name is Jens
    My favorite colors is Black
    Uhmm sure..
    I did read it with a dark russian voice, works ?
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  8. Have you ever done anything "illegal" on EMC?
  9. Why? D:
  10. Why did you build another mall?
    Do you like skiing?
    Do you play planetside 2?
    Do you study?
    Do you work?
    Have you ever asked somebody to help you build a spawner? :rolleyes:
    Am I really at star? if yes, At what?
    What is your favourite song? :)
  11. Unfortunately, it is a yes. I have been rude to a guy that copyed 1111, and i got banned for 48hr

  12. I built another mall because i wanted a middle residence at the Faith Inc. headquarters and now there will rise tons of amazing builds ;D
    I have never tryed skiing..
    I do study, yessir.
    I don't have a work currently.
    I have asked alot of people, including you ;)
    You're a star at farming Iron xD (No idea what you do IRL, maybe skiing?)
    My favorite song is something with Stevie Wonder or hmm, maybe this one:
  13. Whats you favourite film/tv program?
    What SMP's do you play the most and which do you play the least?
  14. lol, I go to school and dev Android :p
    Do you have a girlfreind ( Or boyfreind...)?
    Whats your favourite book?
    What do you study?
    Whats your favourite food?
    Favourite tea?
    Did you see me when I was in copenhagen this winter?
    Am I correct in remebering that you live in denemark?
    I got more :p
  15. Favourite film is TROY
    Favourite tv program is Criminal Minds
    I play on SMP1, never really visiting SMP4,5,6...
  16. Nope
    My favourite book Harry Potter and the deathly hallows
    I study my computer.. (amazing)
    Favourite food is Pizza ;D
    I never drink tea, so ehmm PizzaTea.
    No i didn't :/
    I am from Denmark yeah :)
  17. Why won't you put 1111 back up?
  18. Are you ever going to pay me my 100k for guessing your gaming mouse?
  19. Black isn't a color!