Fair Market Value of all items in game

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  1. I'd like to make a Fair Market Value Chart of all items sold in shops. Like for example

    Slimeballs- 45-70
    Diamonds- 40-55

    The prices for basic items are all over the ballpark on this and I'd like to have a one-stop-shop for new to the server members to know what kind of price range to expect to profit from. I know that when enchants on tools come into play things hit a grey area because of time put into getting xp and what grade tool, but a good ballpark bracket would be nice too. I'm on the server right now so i will check back tomorrow to see if everyone is interested in adding to the list. Also please tell what server you are on. i will try to make a list for all 3 if possible.

    thanks for your input and your time for reading this.

    P.s. if there is a thread that is started on this topic please leave a URL to it thanks.
  2. Hey dewiemax, there is a thread vaguely related to shop prices here is the link.
    I know each of the smp servers have their own micro-economy, and i'd be interested in seeing the results of your research :)
  3. i seen and read that thread shaunwhite1982. i took it as someone pointing out that the rupee has devalued/overvalued over time not really a disscussion on what the prices should be. plus i only really saw a few items listed in there. what i am trying to do here is get feed back, edit my 1st post, and make a chart. also if i get a major responce from all 4 servers i will try to set up other threads or hand that info over to someone willing to put the time in on another server to keep prices up to date. i noticed that some new players that show up since i started have set up shops and got mad when people told them that they're prices were too high thinking that the /shop was the prices that we all went by. i kinda want to help that a little.

    thanks for pointing me in that direction. great job modding smp3 too. keep up the good work.
  4. Each server has it's own economy, by introducing one single price list then this will change. I like being able to move to the different servers to gather different items. It makes an extra challenge to play the market. If everywhere were the same then it would be pointless to shop around.
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  5. @Barks87- i understand that but i wasn't implying that these prices would be set in stone nor that one chart would be fair for all servers. I'd like to start charts on all 4 servers just as a start point. No one would have to follow the charts either. all i'm trying to do is make a chart that shows a good starting range for items for the person that 1st opens a shop. after the shop is open it's their job to adjust to the market. there will always be someone out there that can beat your price but there will always be another that charges double. that's never going to change and i'm not trying to change that. i just want a good start range for the newly formed shops.
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  6. I agree dewiemax, i dont believe showing the range of prices on each specific server will alter the economy too much, if anything it should bolster the economies as more people will purchase from other servers and vice versa. I dont think there is a specific server which is cheaper then others on all items. When an item is expensive on one server and cheaper on another, another item is cheaper on the first server and more expensive on the other.

    I see this as being more of a generalised guideline of prices, so when a new players sets up a shop on a specific server they can compare their prices to the server's average pricerange, and taylor their own prices around it.
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  7. Oh my goodness, I don't know why this never occurred to me but you have basically given me a new hobby. I love playing the market on MMOs... I shall be trading between servers from now on!

    Maybe someday in the future we could get some tools here on the forum to see price trends across the different servers (kind of like eve online)? I could spend all day just looking at the graphs and trading across servers... I am a dork like that :)