FAIL tree :P

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  1. Justin can you fix this?
    2186-2187 (smp1)

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  2. Ive seen a ton of these.
  3. it's my first one lol :p
  4. :O
    It would be epic to see Justin Stopping his work to fix that xD
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  5. Lmao how did that happen? I was expecting an overgrown tree or something, but not quite this :p
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  6. Its when a big tree is burnt and it makes the un-claimable land ones burn too xD
  7. Ahh I see! Amusing. XD
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  8. Ive seen frozen watersprings. I still wonder how that happened (Frozen as in all waterblocks were ice blocks)
  9. I have a frozen fountain near my res and will have a burnt tree too, because I'm going to cut my trees, but they are on the forbidden zone, so I'll have to burn them down. :(