FadedDude101. (also called 101minecraftlover)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by FadedDude101, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hello im FadedDude101. I do empireminecraft server videos. Im doing my best to support the server's community. I am also aiming to become a admin. Its like a republican vs. democrat thing to me (sorry for spelling errors). My youtube name is in the title.
  2. good luck on getting admin....i don't forsee a third admin for the server for a long long time...if ever but cheers won't knock your dreams and ambitions!
  3. Welcome to the server! Good to have you, and you picked the right place.
  4. Well, you can't give up. Like some people say "Don't Give up." Still, I think that the servers not the safest place. Like recently some guy had a lava bucket and killed me. I can't recall his name but I was mad.
  5. lol someone tracked you down in the wilderness/wasteland and burnt you to a crisp :O that is just down right mean
  6. , are you from missouri? I grew up in Rolla.
  7. yes i am nice! i was born here in st.louis then left for 18 years to come back here now lol i will be going to rolla for college in a year or two once i get my community college done here!