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  1. I think that EMC should turn the last server into a Faction server!!! Mods this is a great idea!!!
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  2. i think they said it would be reset every day or so so there would be no need for factions
  3. also not to shoot down your idea but this isn't too great because one faction can just camp around the safe spawn area and ruin the fun of having the server in the first place. if that is how the pvp server would be made
  4. I dont think he knows about the pvp server, sqiggley. And factions=no. Bribing and stealing.
  5. i don't think he does maybe someone can link it i don't have the link anywhere
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  6. The Worst part of "Factions" is the reputation behind it - Regardless of the actual intent of the group, a faction is going to look like a bunch of people who gang up on the Newbies... This is not how the word is defined, but it is how everyone looks at them
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  7. How about no.
    EMC is a towne server, not factions. It also does not have PVP. If you want to start somewhat of a faction go to the wild, walk around 20,000 blocks, build a building, and start a wild base thread.
  8. don't know if you know this yet but they are adding a pvp server soon so... also i highly doubt that they will add factions do to it being mentioned on the pvp thread and being rejected if i remember correctly so we shouldn't have to worry =D
  9. I think they are referring to the upcoming pvp server which WILL be completely separate from the rest of EMC.

    I know for a fact that they are not taking any suggestions on it though - they have it pretty well planned out and they will take suggestions only after they release it. There is a possibility that there will be multiple pvp servers with different game options.

    Just wait, it will come quicker if you don't think about it. The big hold up right now is JustinGuy's limited access to internet until the beginning of this next month
  10. I've thought about this with regular EMC, but not the raiding and griefing of course, we can claim or protect parts of the wild, but players must go like really far from spawn to do that, it could make making outposts easier and better protected.
    But like normal factions, that wouldn't be the greatest idea, every faction server I go to, my faction mates turn on me and kill me, I just don't like the idea of being watched and hunted like prey. The new server shold be like a hunger games type thing, you kill eat other forma purpose (to survive) and not just to "kill" someone.
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  11. Lmao that's what they're planning to do. Make a hunger games style PvP server without survival games.
  12. We will not be using the Factions plugin for any EMC things.

    I was using it on the PVP server, but i've changed my mind as there is WAY more stuff in that plugin than we will ever need, so I will simply be coding in the bare essentials we actually need it for, with custom code.

    This will give us an overall smoother implementation anyways with less issues.

    I really hate band-aiding multiple things together, I much rather write the code where it makes sense to :p

    Factions will never be used on SMP, and I feel its not tailored to what we are planning for PVP either..

    Land claiming in the wild will be 100% custom code for EMC that tailors to our style, and will be of "EMC Quality" instead of the mess of stuff Factions has.
  13. yeah
  14. lol
  15. thanks
  16. and i guess your gonna ban me for and idea?
  17. you rule
  18. umm, why did you just misquote him... it should have shown up as -
    So I must assume sarcasm was intended.
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