Fact vs Fantasy

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  1. *A FEW NOTES*
    1: I am an author with 1 book and a 2nd finished
    2: Its been my dream to make a Minecraft Book

    So here I will begin writing after posting this. Leave a like if you want more
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  2. Cool! I like your idea to right stuff, good luck 😉
  3. "VILLAGER hurry up ye' old bugger" Gaming_Comander hollered as he stamped his foot on the ground impatiently. He watched as THE_OP_VILALGER flew down with his elytra besides Gaming_Comander. "Well, the nether isn't going to defeat itself y'know" Gaming_Comander said impatiently.
    "Calm down" THE_OP_VILALGER said. "Let's just go" Gaming_Comadner said. Behind then was the nether portal, a giant, rectangular figure made out of obsidian. Comander pulled out a flint and steel and struck it on the obsidian. The nether portal was activated as a purple portal appeared in the middle.
    They two partners walked in. They looked at each other silently. VILLAGER smacked Comadners tuft of hair that stood up, angering Comander.
    In a spite of rage he pushed VILLAGER outside of the portal, laughing as he teleported. "Oh he wont get away that easily," VILLAGER said. He grabbed a diamond pickaxe and broke a piece of obsidian. When Commader was finally teleported to the nether, he had to take a step back.
    Since when was the Nether Fortress a castle? And since when was the netherrack grass blocks? As he continued to walk around, he noticed that horses and fountains inhabited most of the land. Comander eventually stumbled towards the castle and saw a player in iron armor standing by.
    Comander walked towards him, readying himself to ask him where he was. That was until the player ran towards him! Once Comander was tackled to the ground the player spoke. "Enemy, thou fool must show thyself. Remove thee sunglasses," he commanded. "Aw heck no!" Comander yelled.
    He kicked up and watched as the player flew towards a rock, knocking down his helmet. Comander was shocked to see who the player was. "Eviltoade?" he said surprisingly. "Who is Eviltoade. There is only KnighToade! Bow before thee" he yelled.
    Comander quickly ran, hoping to have KnighToade loose sight of him. As he ran he saw something shiny up ahead. The closer he got, the better he could see it. He began to see the iron exterior and the gold doors. He readied his pickaxe and broke down the gold doors and ran inside what looked like a laboratory. There he saw a brown haired girl wearing glasses and a lab cat. On her hair was a waffle hair clip .
    She stared at him in fear and began fumbling to click a button on her remote. "Moople...is that you? Im so glad I found you" "Stay away from me Grueling_Comander! Remember Im the royal scientist I have supreme power over you!" she yelled. "Grueling_Comander?"
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  4. Why would an old friend of his call him grueling? Sure he was a bit of an idiot sometimes as well as a bit of a TNT-holic but he was never grueling. "I-I'm warning you! Take o-one more step and I'll use my latest creation, Greuling_Repellent," MoreMoople warned. "Moople, I won't hurt you. I'm not a bad guy," he said compassionately. He held his arms out and walked towards her, intimidating Moople.
    She quickly grabbed a spray bottle and began pressing the trigger, allowing little flame sparks to spray all over Comander's face. "MY EYES," he yelled in pain as he knelt to the floor. "Oh my god I'm so sorry! I didn't think you were gonna hug me I swear! Please don't hurt me," Moople begged as she knelt to comfort Comander.
    Comander wiped the tears off his eyes and said, "Now that I have your sorrow, would you mind me telling you the truth?" Moople nodded and Comander began telling the story of how he ended up here.
    "I see, well the only way to get back to your world is by telling Aiking," she explained. "You mean Aikar," Comander corrected. "No, Aiking, he's the ruler of this Empire and is very kind. Of course, the only way to get to him is by talking to Krysyy, which is an even bigger problem because she is as protected as Aiking is. She has a fleet of her Staff Guardians around her. As a matter of fact, she came by here to talk about a potion she wants me to make with her trusted Guardian, KnighToade," Moople explained.
    "Oh, that guy," Comander said unpleased. "If we can head into The OP Village and talk to the mayor, I'm sure he can give us directions to the Crystal Dragon cave," Moople explained. "Oh, I can see where this going already," Comander said in a bland tone.
  5. "So, shall we make our journey?" Comander asked. "Onwards" Moople said. He opened the door for her and she thanked him. As they made their way to the Village, many players were cowling in fear as Comander walked by. "Can we make a detour" Comander asked. "Why? We are so close to the Village" Moople explained, slightly annoyed. "Im sick of people staring, I'd much rather start my own empire on Empire y'know" he explained.
    He walked towards a Village and towards the mayor, who he could easily separate him from the rest since he wore fancy attire rather than a robe. Comander threw him off the stage and ordered Villagers to build him a thrown, all to Mooples horror.
    Once the thrown was built and decorated with gems, he sat down and gave a vicious smile as he was crowned. "You may not be Grueling, but you sure do act like him. You're a Killer King" Moople said angrily. She left him as he gave off an evil laugh, making her way to the OP Village herself for on last resort.