[F0RUM G4M3] War Of The Galaxies

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    It is the year 2560. Mankind has discovered other life beyond their galaxy. Some were peaceful, others were warmongers. Although we managed to keep the peace, it would not last forever. A 100 years ago, the Grez unleashed a massive attack on Earth, obliterating 95% percent of mankind. The rest made a hasty retreat on their motherships, flying into the depths of space, not knowing where they shall venture. You are one of those that survived that attack. After living on your mothership for years, you decide to leave and explore the galaxy. Your parents decide to give you a farewell present: A exosuit that determines your class, weapons suitable to your class and a spaceship equipped with weapons.
    Now that we are done with the plot, let's get to where you can travel to. There will be 4 galaxies, each with 2 colonized planets. There will be 3 other planets being occupied by pirates, which you can claim for yourself, give it to a friend, give it to your race or let it be after killing off all the pirates. The max planets you can give your race is 3, but they can still obtain other planets through politics or battle. To travel, just say which galaxy you want to go to, and the planet number and if it's colonized. For example: "I want to travel to 3G (3rd galaxy) 2P (2nd planet) C (colonized, E= Pirates, U=Unclaimed, F= Other player's planet)". In case you're wondering, the 1st and 2nd planet are always the ones colonized (unless you have obtained a planet for your race) and you can only have 1 planet. To travel to your planet, just say "I shall travel to my planet." There, you can store stuff. And please be honest about your inventory.
    Class setup:
    Name goes here
    Age goes here (must be in between 18-21)
    Gender goes here
    Class goes here (class list at the bottom)
    Spaceship goes here (ship list at the bottom)
    Race goes here (Human, Ssotorp, Grez and the Zoids)
    Alignment (for lack of a better term) goes here (Good, neutral, bad)
    Other notes go here (Scarred, survived 10 deadly diseases, whatever you want to say that does NOT affect your character)
    Class list:
    Ghost (2000HP, Lv.1 Sniper, Lv.1 Cloaking device)
    Marine (1500HP, Lv.1 Assault Rifle, Lv.1 Stimpack)
    Berserker (1000HP, Lv. 2 dual-wield sabers, Lv.1 cloaking device, 2x speed)
    The ghost and marine can use any weapons (sub-machine, shotgun, etc.), but the berserker is limited only to melee weapons.
    Spaceship list:
    Nimble (2500HP, 1000 Shield, 1.5x speed, 1000 damage, 20 cargo)
    Kinzer (3750HP, 1250 damage, 25 cargo)
    Razor (5000HP, 1000 damage, 0.5x speed, 50 cargo)
    Well, that's it. Hope you enjoy this game!
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  3. My guy:
    Name: L1K34K1N9
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Class: Berserker
    Spaceship: Nimble
    Alignment: Good-neutral
    Other notes: N/A