Eyo, folks.

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  1. An introduction, huh? What should I say? I suppose I could mention all sorts of things like my age, where I'm from and the particular scent of shampoo I use, but that might be a little mroe than folks want, or need, to know.

    The name is Gottsmote and I've only been playing for about a month after stumbling across the Yogscast stuff. I'm still learning about the game and what can be done with the structures. Any hints or suggestions would be welcome.
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  2. welcome to emc gottsmote, hope you enjoy it here :)
  3. Ah Yogscast <3 Welcome! Enjoy! If you need any help, the guide is your best friend but you can come talk to me also if you want :)
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I've been reading over the guide and all, even already working on my residence. Not much yet besides a wall and a gazebo, but we'll see what happens.
  5. Awesome! Gotta start somewhere :D
  6. Welcome to the glorious empire.
  7. My avatar is kinda fitting for an Empire..

    For the Emperor!
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  8. As is mine.
    All hail the God-Emperor of EMC!
  9. Hmm, just realized I didn't get the starting rupees that the guide mentions. Wonder if I missed something.
  10. Welcome to EMC! I hope you love it here!

    P.S. Join the Empire Guild, we love having new, active members! :)