Eye's Book Battle - 8PM EST

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Would you attend this battle or one in the future?

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  1. At 8PM EST on my res i will be holding a book battle where the winner will win 3k i know its not much but i have to buy books and quils to host a free entry event. Every participant will get there own Writing room with a door that you may open with an access sign i will place and a chest with a book and quill. Participants will be given 30min to type your story and chance to win 3k rupees. You do not have to pay to write your book and the winners will be announced once i finish reading everyone story. The subject of the book is an adventure with your own made up minecraft pet. If you are thinking about attending leave your minecraft name so i can put in a room for you on my res to participate. Thinking about hosting more of these when i get get more rupees this is just a test event and something for you guys to do with your Friday night. If i manage to make more money next event sould have larger payout but for now this is to have fun getting used to these type of event's of mine