Eye Of Ender Warning In /Wild

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  1. So, as I discovered painfully about a week ago, eye of enders, since 1.7, do not work in the /wild.

    I understand there is no way to fix them and that was mentioned already, however I think it would be much appreciated if a warning was displayed for anyone trying to use them in the /wild world. Something like:

    'Ender eyes do not work in /wild. You can find the end portal in /waste.'
  2. This is a good suggestion. :)
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  3. +1, would help people to stop wasting their precious'
  4. Well don't know about you, but my many hours I spent trying to find the end and being frustrated are worth way more than those ender eyes. :p That being said, I did have a tough time finding both ender eyes, ender pearls and blaze powder in stock. :p Virtual items matter nothing compared to having a good time.
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  5. Ender pearls are always in stock in my shop... I will also start selling blaze powder probably this weekend. Didn't realize it was so hard to find, probably I have a SC full just sitting in my res.
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