[Extreme Lag] Smp7

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  1. Smp7 right now is having some really bad rubber-banding and lag issues, I would like to know the cause, it's not just me who is experiencing this...
  2. Working fine 4 me not sure about your end
  3. a player afk farm that has too many hoppers / items there is some people always afk.
  4. For about 1-2 weeks I've been getting chest lag, and mob-killing lag(meh). I'm so glad we don't have roll backs that often.
  5. did anyone else experience lag at this period?
    Just now? I know SMP7 has had issues recently, but ive been making changes where I can to help.
  6. Well I just logged onto SMP7 but I've had it the past few days.
  7. Ok, that confirms idea 1 is false.

    I'm going to have to add some more debugging/testing to the server to diagnose better on smp7 specifically...

    I just can't figure out why its smp7 only, when every server runs the same identical code....

    I swear smp7 had issues even before new hardware too. its like something is in its folder :/
  8. Yes, I just logged onto SMp7, and I'm also in the nether. The mobs froze in place, and I tried to access chests, and I couldn't. It's like I'm not frozen, but my surroundings are.

    Being a SMP7 veteran, I've never experienced something like this. It's like you have lag spikes, but you're not frozen. And also, hoppers have lag, just a short second before you can access one. And xp doesn't follow you.
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  9. What is syncChunkLoad?

    0.01% 13.94% 0.007 s 6.9711 ms 0.00k syncChunkLoad

    13.94% seems significant. You can see it if you click the "Show Rest" button.
  10. Are there any players who are on each time its happened?
  11. Yes