Extreme Lag during MA Event

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by autumnrain26, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. So I am not even on SMP5, however, performance on SMP6 at least, I am not sure about the other servers drops very drastically during Mob Arena events. I cannot even do the Mob Arena because of it leading to a system meltdown every time I have tried usually ending in a BSoD error.. :( ..In regards to the lag though, this is extremely dangerous for me while I am trying to farm Quartz in the nether (I go from about 30-40 fps to about 5-8 fps whenever the events have started) because for me at least the lag causes ghast spawn to seemingly stack and I am running around trying to avoid cannonballs, flames and lava.. >,<
  2. Sorry this has happened to you but I don't think this is a server problem because it doesn't happen for me or other players that I talk to during mob arena.
  3. It happened to me, i couldn't join because of my rare 1000+ MS.
  4. I have a pretty low performance computer, I average around 30 fps, and I have never had issues either participating during the mob arena or being on other servers during that time.
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