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  1. Hi EMC,

    I've had a problem with my computer lately (a Mac, BTW). It hasn't been recognizing the hard drive at all. Whenever I try to boot, I get the question mark folder. This is probably the hardware's issue, as a complete wipe of the internal hard drive didn't help. I've already taken it to my shop three times. So my question is, do you know anything else that I could do software-wise? Do you know if the Apple Store would fix it at 6 years out of warranty? XD

    P.S., please don't say "Lulz maks suk git PC". I'm not looking to replace the entire computer at this point.
  2. It does looks like a hardware problem, and hard drives have more mobile parts than the average computer component, so they tend to fail more often.

    If you want to repair the computer you would probably have to replace the hard drive, and I doubt Apple would do that for free outside guaranty; but hard drives are not that expensive, so you can probably find a good deal.

    Good luck with the repair.

    (As a sidenote, search if Apple had a recall program for the hard drive of your machine model, if so; even if outside guaranty, you can try to argue that it's a manufacturing error and demand they replace it for free.)
  3. What he says. And Apple computers are basically impossible to repair so you're out of luck my friend.
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  4. I admit Apple compatible parts are harder to find, but if you really want you can do it. I still have my first PC running (20 years now), and my second mac running (11 years now), I have repaired them both a lot, so it can be done.
  5. You could pay 99 dollars to get Apple Care then walk out of the store and walk back in with your mac and get it fixed or replaced. Then you have 3 years warranty in case something else goes wrong.

    Also, how old is the Mac? I think iMacs of around 2007/2008 manufacture have some problems. I have one of these and it seems to be bugging out a fair bit recently. Also, what version of OS X is installed?
  6. Unfortunately the Apple Care Program only covers 3 years from the purchase date of the computer, even if you purchase the program now, it wouldn't cover you mac.
  7. My friend went and got apple care for his iPad over a year after he got it.
  8. If it's a imac then you can't fix it (I think). They are built into the back panel so if you were to take apart it, it would only make it worse.
  9. Yes, that works if you bought the Apple Care up to 2 years and 11 months and 29 days after you bought your product, since the Apple Care extends the guaranty to 3 years, but after that it won't fly.

    It's a hard procedure to change the hard drive of an iMac, but it's possible. Here's the instructions if you dare to try.
  10. 2007 20" with OS X Lion 10.7.5. So that would make sense...
  11. I'm not sure how common the problem is. But I think MacBooks get glitchy around that age too. It was around then that Apple was transitioning to intel processors. So there may be something to do with that there... :/
    No, you just take the screen off. Not that hard, it's only connect by some clips.