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  1. Hello everyone,
    Yes, I am taking another shot at this while I finally have an operating base to produce resources, and I think it is about time! So what I am offering are certainly "unique" and have been designed by me. Hope you enjoy! Here is our current selection (you can always have one made just for you):

    The FBS Tower is one of my first builds, this is somewhat cheap for someone wanting something large.
    Price tag:
    If you supply only about 6000r, if not it will take a bit longer to get done and, will cost about 10,000r
    Supplies needed:
    • Three small chest's of snow blocks
    • Two small chest's of galss
    • Three stacks of glowstone
    • Four stacks of black wool
    • Three stacks of blue/red wool (depends on color of banner)
    Estimated time to build: around eight days if supplying, if not about fifteen days (Starting dates of construction are given to you when you order something!

    The under-construction one I'm building V

    This was originally going to be a WSR res.. WSR didn't turn out *To be added*

    PM, or comment on what you want! ill estimate a price, and the material

    NOTE: All left-over resources will be given back! (if you supplied)
  2. Really? After just 12 minutes?
  3. Went off "active thread" list that fast.. like a thread highway right right now
  4. how much would a 30x30 3 story castle be?
  5. Not too much, I should be able to get it, ill get designing
  6. So far I am doing great on the throne room, I will post pics of the SP world when done :)
  7. well could you give me an estimate? with me supplying and with out please
  8. With supplying, it should be about 3,000
    Without supplying it will be around 6,000
  9. How about a 40x40 Smooth Sandstone Skyscraper with office floors and a huge lobby?
  10. okay i will be supplying then tell me how much stone brick you need and ill get it
  11. about three stacks of wood, and 27 stacks of brick (stone brick), Then there is little bits and features I can get myself
    Sounds fun, when Im done with alex's project I'll get to it