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  1. Hey EMC patrons!

    Im looking for people to be a part of my new company MVPINC. If you would like to be a part of this company PM me in game or on forums. What this company will offer to EMC:

    - Building Designs
    - interior building designs
    - a megamall
    - possibly hotel

    and more coming soon!

    I know some of you would think this is a double post but the reason why i made a new one is because my old one glitches out when i tried to edit it:confused: ATM my company has 2 members: Theminner333, MVPworldseries (me!), and more to come hopefully!
  2. Donators To this company would get:

    - Exclusive Shop with discounts!
    - Private farms!
    - villager trading!

    And im still adding on to this list!
  3. bump! rupee donations no being accepted on 10053:p also thinking of adding a casino.