Extend derelict Time Please!

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  1. Please extend derelict status time to 20 days I went on vacation and I almost thought I lost my res!
  2. Not that long time ago the derelict policy was already changed, extending time from 10 days to 15. I guess it would never satisfy everyone, whatever days those are. Getting 20 days of derelict would lead to people asking for 30 days, 30 days to 40 and so on.....
    There are several ways to protect you from becoming derelict, like: logging into game/voting (no need to log into game then)/PM to senior staff or admin to let them know you would be gone for certain time so they can protect your residence/becoming supporter (getting protected statuss for the time of beeing supportership active).
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  3. Ok thanks
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  4. as ladblo said there are several ways to protect your residence, buying supporter protects your residence as long as you pay for it, you can pm a staff for up to 3 months i believe if you have a good reason (longer for certain things like military service), voting once every 10 days on the account refreshes your derelict and the final is simply logging in. extending it only ensures that those people who are never coming back tie up residences for people who want to play on empire
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