Exploring Why Our Empire is What it is Today: The Empires Museum

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Would you be interested in visiting the museum once it is completed?

Yes 26 vote(s) 96.3%
No 1 vote(s) 3.7%
  1. Basic Information

    What: A museum highlighting architecture and culture of ancient empires
    Where: /v +theempiresmuseum Utopia
    Grand Opening: TBA
    Major Exhibits (in progress): Hanging Gardens of Babylon, El Castillo
    Minor Exhibits (in progress): Obelisk

    Suggest an Exhibit

    The museum needs 2 more major exhibits and several minor exhibits to fill up the plot. That's where you come in! Just fill out the form bellow in a private conversation, and if your suggestion is accepted, you will be recognized on a sign at the museum. Note: I don't have a very large budget, so please keep suggestions to feasible builds.

    Major or Minor:


    For this museum to be possible, I will need donations. Donors will be put on a donor wall at the museum as well as on this thread; the highest donor will also be rewarded with multiple signs at the museum spawn. Material wise, I will need: stone brick, sandstone, vines, roses, and iron bars. Rupees are always welcome as well. If you are interested in donating, fill out the form bellow in a private conversation.



    Current top donor:
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  2. One thing that would make this really cool is if you seamlessly traveled from one exhibit to the other.
  3. Like teleporters?
  4. I was thinking more of having all of the places connect and have tunnels that change the scenery to the next exhibit.
  5. My plan is to have 4 main roads connecting in the center of the residence with the 4 major exhibits as the corners. Along the roads I will have the minor exhibits for aesthetics. The road will be 4 blocks wide. Once I finish the roads and the outlines of the exhibits, you may begin to see my thought process.
  6. Bump! Part 1 of roads are complete!
  7. How does this look so far? This is just part of a template.
    2014-07-25_14.56.24.png The exhibits will be surrounded by these barriers.
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  8. Bump! Really need suggestions!
  9. With the tittle in mind, this sounded like one of these promo museums. I suggest you change the tittle.
  10. will do