Exploring the wild?

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  1. Hello this is nuttyknight42 and I had questions!

    Does the placing and breaking enderchest or shulkers and pick them up, effect the land claiming process for outpost?

    Example is placing a enderchest and or a shulker in the wild, to grab some rockets or food, Then breaking the shulkers box and place it back in the enderchest, then break the enderchest you place without changing any of the land blocks or structures in the area. Does that effect claiming that area for outpost
  2. Does exploring the wild and leaving no trace of blocks along your path stop people from claiming the now discovered area for an outpost?

    The answer is no. Exploring and leaving nothing is the best way to travel. Even if someone claims an area and a ender chest or tool bench is found it wouldn't stop a claim from getting established. An actual build and not a dirt hut will stop it from getting established.
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  3. Just for clarification would a dirt hut stop a claim land from getting established outpost?
  4. a dirt hut isn't gonna stop a place from getting established.
  5. Good to know! Not that I'm going build dirt huts as I travel! Lol