[EXPLAIN]What is "koth" on smp8?

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  1. Seriously I know I have been on here for over 100 days but what is "koth"? It says that there is pvp, and for those who want to answer this then I have a few questions:

    1:What were the prizes of winning
    2:What happened to it?
    3: Are they gonna bring it back?

    Thanks everyone. I have these lingering questions, also I think this is in the wrong section, but idk where to put it so I put it on miscellaneous. Thanks,
  2. I started on it waaayyyyy back before I stepped down for exams. It's never been used yet (and isn't anywhere near finished)... but who knows... ;)
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  3. That helps my suspicion for this game :/
  4. KOTH = King of The Hill
  5. And what do you do in king of the hill
  6. what are the chances this ever gets finished?
  7. People fight to become the King of the highest spot on the map, which is usually very obvious
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  8. wait...it is unfinished?
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  10. Oh, when will it hopefully in operation? (Only for the higher level staff but I hope in the near future)
  11. It was one of the first things built on the new Games server....(that's all I can say)
  12. Oh so the new games server is going to have multiple games, including koth. And that is around in the near furture.