Expensive horse missing

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  1. Hello all, a week or two ago I logged out of smp8 ontop of the town teleport on my Dancer, with diamond armor and a saddle on it. I was told in chat it would go to my nearest res, my 4th. When I logged back in it wasn't there, so I checked all my other res's multiple times and it cannot be found. Please help, this is a server bug and I have lost an item of much value to me.
  2. If I'm right, the horse only teleports back to one of your residences if you lose it in town. However, there is a 15-day horse protection if you lose in it the wild. Therefore, you have to go back to where you logged off in the wild to get it back.

  3. As I said, it was ontop of the town teleport in town (the place with the portals to waste/wild nether, frontier ect)
  4. Try checking your stables
  5. Just to add a little more detail in case you are not familiar with the commands, type /stable. This is similar to /vault but it is only for horses, donkeys and mules. If the horse is there, type /stable summon 1 to retrieve it ( make sure you are in town or there is a 100r fee)
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  6. I'm not sure if this is the case, but did you check on the residences around your homes? Animals are known to wander off, and TP back to your residence after being outside of it for an x amount of minutes.